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Quick Update: September 2021

As many of you know, we’ve been out West since the end of August. While it’s been a bit crazier, travel-wise, than last September’s trip, it’s also been very productive. We even got to share briefly (and receive a generous offering) at a completely unplanned Wednesday evening “stop-in” at a church in Birmingham on the way! Thank you Glenn Iris Baptist Church for your generous welcome!

We’ve had a full schedule with coffee meetings, a pastors’ fellowship, and a number of Sunday morning and weeknight presentations (thank you to Berean, Oasis, Bethel, Evangelica Bautista, Lighthouse, and Crossroad!). As I write this we are on the road back East to Grand Rapids, after a short stop in Utah. We are grateful for the chance to spend about a day and a half in Logan, Utah visiting with some good friends who recently moved from Greenville to help with a new church plant!


  • We thank God for the unexpected connections and last-minute meetings he’s given us since we’ve left!

  • When our van needed to have an unexpected AC repair, one of our supporting churches and one of our sending church’s community groups chipped in to help cover the cost. We are so thankful for everyone's gracious generosity and support.

  • We’ve received at least one verbal commitment from a church to financially partner with us since our last prayer letter, and we still have a few who who we believe to be “in the pipe-line.”

  • Deputation is picking up a lot of steam—our calendar is filling up quickly!


  • Michael’s current seminary class (it’s proving more difficult to get the work done when on the road).

  • Safety on deputation travels, and reliability for our van.

  • Continued direction for planning our 2022 survey trip.

  • Wisdom as we plan deputation trips and book meetings for 2022.

  • This December is pretty empty in terms of meetings. Pray that we’d be able to get a few meetings somewhere in the Carolinas.

  • That God would continue to provide us with more committed financial partners.

Your friends, Michael, Jessica, Amelia, & Jack (Note: we are humorously bad at remembering to take pictures at churches. If we haven't posted any pictures from our time at your church, please understand that it is not due to any lack of appreciation for our time with you!)

(Additional note: This was originally sent out via email at the end of September).


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