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January 2023 — Big news to begin the year!

Happy new year!

Greetings friends and ministry partners! We hope that you all have had a great Christmas season, and a good new year thus far! As I write this, we are just three days away from moving the family to the mountains of NC for a month of cross-cultural training. Jessica and I have enjoyed working our way through the pre-work in preparation for this time, and are looking forward to seeing how God uses the training to better equip us for the ministry that he has for us in France.

But we have some bigger news to share that I know many of you have been actively praying for! We are excited to be able to officially announce that we have reached 100% of our committed monthly support! God is so good!

Earlier this year, when we were spending time in Bordeaux with the Christys (our future ministry mentors), Ed made a passing comment that we would be fully supported by the end of the year. I remember being encouraged by his optimism, but also secretly chuckling at the outlandishness of the thought! We started the year at 34% after over a year of full-time deputation, surely we wouldn't be able to raise 66% in so short a time. But of course, God's plans are bigger than our plans, and now we can't help feeling a bit like Sarah (Gen. 18)!

Will you take a moment to simply praise and thank God for his provision and answer to prayer?

Thank you all for your continued prayer and support! Have a blessed new year!

Your friends, Michael, Jessica, Amelia, & Jack



  • Pray for continued growth in our language-learning endeavors.

  • Pray for our upcoming cultural training in NC.

  • Pray that we might be able to find some temporary housing nearby while we work on selling furniture and other possessions.

  • Pray for wisdom as we embark on the process of moving overseas.


  • By God's grace, we have reached 100% of our committed support!


In October the kids started attending a local French class run by some wonderful French people right here in our town!

Jessica and I are working on French as well. Our classes take place over Zoom.

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13 janv. 2023

God is good! Prayers for your family as you take the steps to be ready to go❤

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