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Doors opening in MI and AZ!

Dear prayer partners, thank you for your prayers for us! Especially for our trip to Michigan. God has very clearly been working and opening doors. This last week we made a number of new connections, some of which even referred us to other new solid contacts. Not only have we been able to double the number of meetings for our trip up North, we’ve even been able to start scheduling meetings for another trip to Michigan for next April! We've also seen God at work as we book meetings in SC/NC and AZ. We praise God for his provision!

We are now in Michigan, staying with Jessica‘s grandpa, and have even been in one of our scheduled meetings already. Our time at Good News and with the Cederquists was a great blessing – we shared briefly about it the other day on Facebook.

In addition to the six meetings scheduled for this trip we also have several coffee/lunch meetings on the calendar. Please pray that some of these connections might turn into long-term gospel partnerships!


  • We are thankful for some really encouraging meetings in NC (Winston-Salem and the OBX) this past April.

  • Just the other day, by God‘s providence, we happened to bump into the associate pastor of a nearby MI church that we had been in contact with before. We ended up joining him and a group of church friends and family at the zoo! It was a fun to be able to chat some about their church and various exciting aspects of their ministry philosophy, and how they are ramping up their focus on discipleship! We are going to meet again for lunch or coffee next week.

  • We are so grateful for the hospitality of Jessica’s grandpa in allowing us to stay with him! Not only is it a lot of fun for us and the kids, it also allows us to save money by not having to pay for an Airbnb or hotel. God’s grace is evident here.

  • We have received several substantial gifts from friends, as well as from an anonymous donor—God is continuing to show us that he will provide for our needs.

  • We have also booked two new missions conferences in NC for after we get back from up North!

Prayer needs:

  • Pray for more meetings in Arizona. We’ve sent out around 20 packets before heading to MI, and would love to get 4-5 meetings scheduled from this group (as of this afternoon we have three). I plan to spend a good amount of time calling these churches this week and next. Pray for continued success.

  • Pray for us as we begin to consider the best time to reschedule our 1-month survey trip to France. As many of you know we've had to cancel this trip twice already due to COVID.

  • We've had a number of very well-received meetings in the last couple of months. Pray that God would turn some of these into ministry partnerships!

Sometimes we forget to mention specific things that have happened (churches we have visited, etc.) in these prayer letters. If you want to follow more week-by-week “goings on” please follow our Facebook page. We’d love to have more people praying for us in the specifics of our plans and activities.

Your friends, Michael, Jessica, Amelia, & Jack


The whole family had a really wonderful time at the missions conference at Still Waters! They treated us all really well. It will certainly be remembered for years to come!

We are grateful for the hospitality of the Cederquists! It was great to get to know them, as well as their church family, better!

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