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August Prayer Update

Dear prayer partners,

Although the Spring contained numerous discouragements and setbacks, we are extremely grateful for the way God continues to provide and open doors. Just in the matter of a few days, God has allowed us to make numerous contacts and schedule several meetings in Arizona for the month of September. We will be flying out next Friday (the 4th) and will be in the Phoenix area for nearly the whole month presenting in four different churches. Please pray that we can get even more meetings, especially that we can get some midweek services to fill in the gaps. After our Arizona trip we will be looking to see when we can reschedule our postponed meetings in the north (MI and NY especially), as well as meetings in our local area. Please pray for us while we are in AZ. Pray that God will work through us in these meetings, and that we might be able to establish long-term ministry partners.

Pray for gospel advance in France: While you are praying for us, don’t forget to pray for the people of France. The spiritual soil is hard and rocky there. We are thankful for the missionaries who are ministering in France as well as the French pastors and believers who continue to plant and water, praying for Gospel fruit. Will you pray with them—with us? Pray for the advance of the gospel and the growth of Christ’s church there. Pray that God will continue to send more laborers (Matt 9:38).

Family update: A few weeks ago Amelia started kindergarten! God provided, and we were able to get a great deal on her kindergarten materials from BJU Press. She is loving it, and is a fast learner. We are especially encouraged by how quickly she is memorizing her Bible verses (and we are even starting to teach her a little bit of Koine Greek!). When Amelia got stuck in reciting the letters of the Greek alphabet last week, 2-year-old Jack chimed in to her aid — and was right! We are reminded through this how much our children are able to soak up, which is both an encouragement and sober reminder for us as parents! 

If you are on Facebook be sure to like our page there! We will be posting more about our Arizona trip in the coming days.

Your friends, Michael, Jessica, Amelia, and Jack Dunlop. 

  • Pray for God to raise up ministry partners during our trip to Phoenix.

  • Praise God that we were able to book four meetings in the Phoenix area (at the time of our last letter we only had one)!

  • Pray that we will have continued wisdom in training up our children. Amelia has been asking questions about the gospel and we believe that God is working on her heart.

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