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Answered Prayer — March 2022

Amelia For a number of months, we have been asking that you pray for our daughter, Amelia's, salvation. God has been clearly working in her heart and revealing her need for Jesus. We are overjoyed to share that in January she placed her faith in Christ! We praise God for the fruit we have seen in her life, and ask that you continue to pray for her as we disciple her in the faith. We also ask that you pray for Jack to take this same step.

Support Level — Halfway there

In our last letter, we shared our excitement that several new supporters had partnered with us. By February our support level had jumped from around 25% to 37%, and meetings were coming in at a rate faster than ever before. At that point, Jessica and I began to pray that we would be able to reach 60% by the end of 2022, and 100% before the Fall of 2023. Well, as of a couple weeks ago, our committed support percentage reached the 50% mark! We praise God for his provision, and thank you all for your prayers! We have raised our support goal for this year to 75%. Will you pray with us to this end? We are confident that God can do it!

Recent Meetings

The last few months have been spent mostly in the Carolinas and Tennessee. It has been a joy to connect with numerous believers in these areas and worship with them in their churches. It is such an encouragement to share meals, prayers, and stories of God's grace with other Christians across the country. To those we met in the last couple of months: thank you for your hospitality and friendliness!

What's Ahead

As I write this we are on the road to Michigan for around a month. We have a full schedule of meetings, and are praying that God will bring us strong ministry partners during our time here. We will have a little break back home during the week of Easter and then head across the country for a month in Arizona. After that we are off to France to spend June with several missionary families! We ask that you pray for endurance and success during these trips.


  • Jess is in the process of stepping down from her job completely. We are so grateful for the help and generosity that her job has shown us over the last couple of years, and for their support of our ministry!

  • Lots of meetings booked for the first half of 2022 and beyond.

  • Amelia's salvation!

  • We hit the 50% mark on our committed support!


  • With the warmer weather it has come to our attention that the AC on our van has stopped working (again). Pray that we will be able to diagnose the problem and get it repaired prior to our trip to AZ.

  • Our upcoming France trip. Please pray that it will produce great learning, motivation, and clarity for future plans.

  • The discipling of our kids.

Your friends, Michael, Jessica, Amelia, & Jack

(Originally sent by email on March 12)

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