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A month of new beginnings.

January is a month a new beginnings. The new year prompts us to look back at what God has done for us and through us, as well as forward to our Spirit-led goals and aspirations for the coming year. 

Last July, Jess and I travelled to Ohio for candidate seminar with Baptist Mid-Missions, and were officially accepted into the mission as appointees to France! Since then, we have seen God provide in remarkable ways. During the summer I was offered two scholarships toward working on my second masters degree at BJU Seminary and chose to focus on completing some extra credits over the Fall semester since the money was available. Even during this busy time we had the opportunity to present in two missions conferences, gaining prayer and financial partners along the way. 

To facilitate more time for gathering and writing deputation materials and working on classwork, we prayerfully decided that I (Michael) should resign from my job at BJU in October. Even with this loss of income God has shown himself to be a powerful and faithful provider (we are reminded of Matthew 6:26-33). 

January has marked a turning point in our deputation ministry. From this point on, I will only be taking a single online class per semester, freeing up more time for networking and travel. Please be in prayer for us as we shift our pre-field ministry into high gear! Palmetto Baptist Church, our sending church, has graciously offered the use of an office at the church for calling pastors when I need to get away from household distractions. 


Announcements:  Our website is live! We still have more to add, but the basic structure and most of the content is there. Please reach out to us if you see a problem, or have a recommendation for something we should include.  Stay up-to-date on our ministry by following us on Facebook here.

Prayer: For general prayer requests, please visit the prayer page on our website.  Pray that I will be able to get into a good groove of calling and making connections with churches and pastors. 

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