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In 2017 we had the opportunity to take a survey trip to Europe in which we visited Germany, France, and Luxembourg. During this time, God gave us each a special burden for the people of France, and an excitement about ministry there. There is a spiritual darkness and ambivalence there and a desperate need for the light of the Gospel. We were excited to see that, amidst the darkness, the light of the gospel is shining out from a number of small churches throughout the country. God also allowed us to visit the Institut Biblique et Pastoral Baptiste  (The Baptist Pastoral Bible Institute) in Algrange where many believers have been and are being trained to serve the church in the French-speaking world. We saw, in turn, the global impact this ministry has already had in the world, training disciple-making disciples to reach the world.


During this trip we also saw a rising need in France as many of the current missionaries are reaching retirement age, and few missionaries are rising up to fill the gap. Though our time there was short, God used it to direct us and give us a love for the French people. We are eager to get back to reach the people of France! ​

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