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Pray for our preparation




God is leading us to France, but he is still in the process of preparing us for ministry there. Satan doesn't want the gospel to advance and he is fighting hard against us. Please pray that we will continue to grow in our walk with the Lord. Pray that we will grow in our understanding of the various worldviews present in France and how to converse with them biblically. Pray for speedy acquisition of the French language.


Pray for the people of France

•The work of the Spirit

•Success of other faithful ministries

Without the work of God in the hearts of the French people, our work will be futile. Pray that God's Spirit will be working ahead of us and preparing hearts. Pray that God will be working through and prospering the work of other gospel-preaching ministries in France.


Pray for future teammates

•Likeminded teammates

•Is God calling you?

Our goal is team church-planting, and we have no desire to be Lone-Rangers. Pray that God will direct us to the right teammates, wether that be someone already on the field or someone God has yet to raise up. We are praying that it might be you! 

Pray our arrival on the field by summer of '23

•That scheduled meetings would convert to partnerships

•That individuals and companies would also consider supporting us

We are excited about sharing our ministry in churches and getting to meet believers around the country. But God is leading us to France and that is where we want to be! Please pray that we will be able to get our support quickly and get to the field.

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