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Joyeux Noël!: December 2021

What We've Been Up To It has been nice to be home (or at least near home) for most of November and December. After a month+ out West, and a trip up to MI, it is nice to be back in the Carolinas! God gave us several meetings in North and South Carolina this October and November, allowing us to continue presenting our ministry while still feeling like we are able to unwind and recharge a bit. We've also had a good boost of encouragement since arriving home. In the past few weeks three churches have committed to supporting us monthly! We praise God for His provision

Full-time travelling starts again in mid-January. After a quick trip to a pastors conference in FL we head to TN for a month, followed by a couple months in MI, and then another month in AZ. Lord-willing we will be spending June in France visiting several missionary families and praying for God's continued direction. We would greatly appreciate your prayers for safety and profitable meetings in 2022.

Joyeux Noël!

On our trip to France in 2017 we got to visit a couple Christmas markets (see below).

These festive markets are common throughout the country (and throughout much of Europe). As in the US, Christmas is celebrated almost universally in France. There, however, La fête des Rois (the feast of the kings) extends the celebration of Jesus over into the new year. Yet unlike the magi that this holiday recounts, most French people care nothing about worshiping the incarnate Son of God. Christmastime and Christianity are merely a piece of their heritage and tradition (a real danger for us too!).

The arrival of the wise men in Matthew hints at the approaching inclusion of Gentiles in God's plan and the universal offer of salvation to be found in Jesus. But for many of us, this amazing plan is at risk of becoming old news. Christmas is merely culture. God forbid! Enjoy the culture and festivities (they are gifts from God!), but don't forget to meditate this Christmas on the purpose of the incarnation. Take a few moments right now to look up and meditate on Hebrews 2:14-15. Then pray for the people of France. Pray that they will rediscover the good news that makes Christmas such a glorious celebration. Pray for your own family, that they will allow the beauty of God's plan to break through the mere noise and tradition!

Merry Christmas!!!


  • God has given us several new partners recently!

  • Lots of meetings booked for the first half of 2022 and beyond.

  • We are making progress on our trip to France for June.


  • That we'd be able to book more meetings nearby (weekend-trip distance). Spending months away from home can take a toll.

  • Safety on deputation travels, and reliability for our van.

  • That God would continue to provide us with more committed financial partners.

Your friends, Michael, Jessica, Amelia, & Jack

(Originally sent by email on December 18th)

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